Suggest some integrateds for my Monitor Audio Silver 2

I'm currently running new Silver 2 speakers on an old Creek 4140S2, rated at 30 Watts per channel. Passable, but I think these can do better with more power. About 16 x20 listening space, hardwood floors.  I'm thinking maybe Rotel, Arcam, Yamaha?.... Open to recommendations. I'm thinking 75-100W per side should be plenty? I don't listen Uber loud. CD is only source. Thank you.
The shop I bought most of my stuff from uses Exposure integrated amps with similarly priced speakers, including the MA.
The Exposure 2010 is simple but sounds great! 
I had the AM PL 300. Audio monitor is excellent with a tube-Amp.: jadis, unison research,Ear...It’s a verry clear and neutral speaker. Full of detail,open, and accoustic is greath.
transistor-amps: Perreaux,esoteric,audio analque maestro. Good speakercables are also important: audioquest, Kimber,pure-cable.
Gotta say...for the price, NAD drives just about anything  really well. Even the C 316 BEE is surprising clarity/power at 40WPC. But many, many of those choices above at under 1k seem outstanding.