Suggest Transports that can be Demo'd at home

I'm quite happy with my system (Silverline 17.5 monitors/Wells Majestic integrated/Aqua La Voce II/Jolida JD100 (as transport) but am wondering whether I ought to purchase another transport before they're no longer available.
$3000 would be my limit, budget-wise and longevity is a big concern. Used is OK, as long as unit is M. 

I have two caveats which make this tough-- 1) as a rule, I don't purchase any gear I can't first demo at home and 2)
I'd ideally prefer something made in N. America. Of these two qualifiers, the second is negotiable, but not the first.

I could demo a Bryston BCD-3 from Audio Advisor, but I'm not sure it makes sense to pay for a unit that includes a DAC I won't use. Also, I came across a comment in the Forums that the Bryston has fatiguing highs-- a flaw I particularly abhor. And, it's considerable over my budget. 

The Moon Neo 260D is not, as far as I can tell. possible to audition at home and I read on one of the AGon transport discussion threads that the drawer is flimsy. 

The Jay's Audio products look to be very good but I didn't see anything on their site about a trial period. 

A used PS Audio is a possibility, I guess, although I read that they used Oppo transports, which are no longer being made, so that's a concern from the longevity stand-point. 

 Any other units I should be aware of ??????????????


I am still kicking around the purchase of a Jay's Audio transport however that Phillips mechanism is obsolete. So when Jay's runs out of them.guess what.Thats all folks
OK. Thanks, everyone, for your input. 

I'm afraid I'm still not inclined to buy anything I can't first demo at home.

I've been burned more often than not in the past not following this policy. 

Maybe the best course for me is to simply wait till I can afford to try the Bryston CDP-3 as a transport. 

I posted my opinion in the last CD Transport post.  I build my own direct heated triode R2R DAC and have used many transports including many of the above.  So here is my opinion.  I was using an older Audiomeca as a transport with a separate power supply.  That was the best sounding of everything mentioned above but it is not driven by a belt, it is driven by a string attached to a spring.  So repairing the unit is an issue.  I also used an older CEC TL5100Z and a Rega Apollo and Saturn as transports.  The CEC sounds better than the Rega but the Rega has great tone and more of a jump factor, CEC much more musical for long term listening.  I would choose the CEC over the Rega but could live with the Rega.  I used to own a CEC TL-2X which was nice sounding but I sold mine as CEC no longer had replacement parts.  It was a better sounding transport than my CEC TL-5100Z.  We compared the Cambridge to the NuPrime and to an older Sim Audio used as transports into my DAC and a Musical Fidelity (M1 DAC?) that was modified by me with V-Caps, etc.  In each listening arrangement, The Rega sounded better than the Cambridge, NuPrime and the Sim Audio.  We did not have the Jay Audio at that time but another person has one with the Terminator DAC.  That set-up did not outperform the CEC TL5100Z with the DHT DAC.  Was not even close.  So you have to really listen for yourself in your own system to see what you prefer.

If you are looking at older model units, the lasers are getting harder to find.  So even though these units can be repaired, it is getting harder to finds the parts.  Plus some of the lasers were modified so even if you do find the part, it may not be a plug and play arrangement.

I hope this was helpful.  Happy Listening. 

According to Bel Canto website, that cdp you suggested is no longer being made, as the drives are no longer available.  I'd be nervous purchasing a unit for which no drives were available, in case of failure.

Couple thoughts.  Bel Canto may have a supply of replacement parts.  You can probably check with them on this.  Also, you're buying this at less than 50% of retail, so if you get several years of use out of it, you're not out all that much.  Last, the thing really feels like it's overbuilt, and there is no flimsy drawer to fail.  It's a top-mounted unit.  Jitter is stated to be 250 femtoseconds -- most transports are stated in picoseconds.  Just saying, might be well worth the risk, especially if BC has replacement parts -- assuming you'd even ever need them. 

soix2: how did I miss the top-loading aspect ? ! Can I blame that on age ? Thanks for pointing that out and for the suggestion that BC may have parts. 

bigkidz: very pertinent input, especially considering that we both have R2R Ladder DACs. Thanks.