suggest tube amp wattage for my speakers..?

hi all, first post to the forum, had a quick question for those familiar w/ tube amplifiers (i have zero experience currently)... i have a pair of 61-SE loudspeakers from RBHsound, specs and information can be found at the following link..:

these loudspeakers have a power handling rating of 150w, and i have absolutely no idea what that translates to in terms of tube amplifiers... i don't want to invest in amplifiers that are inappropriate for my speakers, so any clarification on what would be proper in terms of wattage would be greatly appreciated... i should add, i am planning on going w/ a pair of monoblock amplifiers, if that makes a difference..!

thx in advance all, any insight would be greatly appreciated..!
50-99wpc of tube. I know you are looking for monobloc amps, but a Manley Stingray integrated tube amp would be a lovely match given that you speakers appear to be two-ways, 87dB/2.83v/m, 8 ohm rated, (maybe) 6 nominal, (maybe) 4 ohm minimal, and the fact that I'm just guessing based on reported synergy with the 2-way revel m20 and the stingray (and the arcam fmj cd-23).
Take a look at Welborn Labs recommendations for speaker and tube amp matching at: There you will see "minimum recommendations for speaker sensitivity are as follows:"

3 watts or less - 94dB minimum sensitivity
8 watts - 90dB minimum sensitivity
15 watts - 88dB minimum sensitivity
25 watts - 86dB minimum sensitivity

"These are general guidelines and can vary by plus or minus 2dB depending upon the impedance of the speaker, the type of music listened to, the size of the listening room and how loud you like to listen to your music." They walk you through some examples.

The speakers that they recommend are "either very high efficiency or medium efficiency with relatively benign impedances." You might want to look into this with regard to your speakers.

Anyway, I think Welborn Labs is a great place to start. Good luck.
That's WELBORNE LABS. If I'm going to quote someone, I should at least spell their name correctly. Cheers.
• IMHO, impedance curve is probably most overlooked stat. for speaker use with tube amp. Check what frequency minimum impedance is at. Tube amps not good for impedances which have wild swings.
• 87dB sensitivity isn't very great. Recommend sticking with a larger push-pull amp.
• Don't make mistake of running minimum wattage. Allow yourself headroom. You might be able to get by with minimum if you listen mainly to jazz. However, if you like to rock out occaisionally or listen to classical…
• Often overlooked is crossover slope. Recommend a 1st or 2nd order xover for use with tube amp.
• Check reviews online to see what amps reviewers are using with speakers.
• E-mail manufacturer for recommendations.