Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.

We are gathering a list of eight speakers to compare in two live events in

June 2022. Post covid we hope!


Trying to gather models which are not readily available for audition.


Please submit your One suggestion here. 

I will begin with my One -KLH Model 5. MRSP $2,000.


Thanks for the help!


Disc- We used the LSA 10s in our 2019 Speakerfest. They were excellent

and the only contender that was sold at the show to a board member 

who kept them until he bought a pair of Joseph Pulsars. Pretty high praise.

But we won't repeat it again for the sake of our members. Good idea though!


We do have the Buchardt and ATC included. ProAcs & Monitors would be nice but we need balance. 

Our folks know the LS50's very well already.  

Not including any actives, open baffles or panels this time. They all have limited

appeal due to setup requirements. Yes they sound good.

Studio Electric sounds pretty tempting. I will contact them. They have one model in one finish that is under $3k MSRP. 


We want to attempt a balanced representation in terms of box speaker sound under $3k.  All ScanSpeak/Seas/DB is too much of a good thing. 

Brands with poor warranties, service availability or repair issue histories are also

to be avoided.

Still Open to Other brands not mentioned under $3k MSRP.


Thank you to everyone for the ideas!!

Lets have some fun!!


Get a pair of the older KLH 5's in good condition.  They use a different midrange configuration and despite audiophile angst about cross-firing mids, the image very well and very precisely.  Would make an interesting comparison, and with some careful shopping the older version can be had for about $250-350 per pair.

Just to drive the point home, my "old" pair have replaced my Thiel 3.5's in my main system, and I don't miss a thing.

Revel M106.

Why? Harman's research and reputation.

I bounce between the M105 and ATC scm7 v.3 here in my system.

Do you have anything with Purifi drivers in the lineup?

Where is this being held?


I appreciate good audio. I have about $9000.00 invested in my current system. I am looking for new speakers and this extreme diversity of opinion tells me only that differences among speakers are really quite small. It’s kind of frustrating.