Suggest your most desired MSRP $1,500-$3,000 Stand Mount for a Shootout.

We are gathering a list of eight speakers to compare in two live events in

June 2022. Post covid we hope!


Trying to gather models which are not readily available for audition.


Please submit your One suggestion here. 

I will begin with my One -KLH Model 5. MRSP $2,000.


Thanks for the help!


@kokakolia    +1 Like your swagger! Yes Sonus Faber and Focal claim all products are manufactured in Italy or France but what is the % of Chinese parts on the entry level speakers?

@prighello      -1 Comparing an I/Phone with audio components is ludicrous!

@dayglow @juanmanuelfangioii Focal, like Davis Acoustics and Triangle only build their high-end speakers in France. The low end speakers are built in China. I don't have specific sources, but I watched a bunch of interviews with Davis Acoustics. Davis is definetely one of the most transparent companies. They basically implied that entry-level speakers are built to a price and have to be outsourced to China. I'm fairly certain that the Davis Acoustics Courbet 3 is built in France. Focal is much less transparent. 

Moreover, French companies are known to lie about the "Made in France" label. American companies as well and so on...

It's evident that China has some of the highest standards for manufacturing, even higher than the USA for specific things like electronics and tools. But Chinese workers have worse working conditions (I would argue that American workers have pretty abysmal working conditions as demonstrated by the Frito-Lay strike but American salaries are higher so all is justified). 

@kokakolia some companies in China do treat their workers well. I know this first hand. 

Anyway not to worried about Focal and their low end stuff. I only own QLN and Sonner. Way above these price points. I do not care for the Focal sound and Sf was short lived in my house also. Sf sound was not my thing, not a good match for my gear at the time. 

Have a great day.