Suggested Power Cable for Streamer

Fellow Audio Fanatics - 

I’m at the stage of fine tuning my system. It’s been roughly three years of investment, trial and error, and pure enjoyment. However, as many of you know, this hobby tends to make us obsessive over the prospect of making “incremental improvements.” 


I think it’s simply because we’ve made adjustments over time that paid off. 


I am currently using a NRG “The Five,” which is a heavy gauge power cable from a gentleman up in Canada. Great cable for the price! That said, my sense is it’s a cable designed more for power amp rather than source components like DACs or streamers. 

I’m wondering if I could improve the performance of my streamer with another cable more specifically designed for source components? If so, what cable might you recommend?  Your responses are greatly appreciated. 

I’m posting my system below for context. 

  • Innuos Zenith streamer with NRG “the five” cable 
  • Merason DAC1 with a LessLoss power cable 
  • Linear Tube Audio preamp with a cardas clear reflection cable 
  • Conrad Johnson Classic 120 with a Cardas Clear Beyond XL cable
  • Speakers - switch between Dynaudio Heritage Specials and QLN Prestige 3  

Everything is connected to a Puritan 156 with their classic cable. I will soon upgrade to their Ultimate cable which will plug directly into the wall.





@audphile1 - Thanks for Nordost recommendation. I'll look into that cable. Regarding the Ultimate cable, I've heard some folks say that their systems got a little bright. If there is one thing I want to avoid, it's brightness/treble glare. My wife will ask me to turn the music down so I won't hear anything... Any other suggestions on cables to power the Puritan? 

@ghdprentice - I'll look into that Transparent cable. Do you think AudioQuest Thunder is far enough up their product hierarchy? 

Trying a variety of cables would make the most sense. Agreed. 

@timothy_m - Which VooDoo cable do you use on your front end components? Did you perceive a difference from something you'd used beforehand? 

@benzman - thanks for recommendation. ​​@audphile1 mentioned the Ultimate got a little tilted towards treble. Your experience with the Ultimate was more positive it sounds? 

@jhnnrrs - Well, "the Five" isn't actually an expensive cable... It's an economy-oriented cable... It sounds like you are skeptical around the effectiveness of different cables for equipment? If not, what is your best guidance for cable selection, etc? I'm new to this and still learning. 

@audioman58 - Thanks for the advice! 

@painter24 - Are you feeding the Puritan with "the Five?" Happy with the results. 



Perfect timing In our multi state audio club- get together we tested a bunch of power cords . Many think ever with well respected brands they are good for everything ,Not true ,many are High current Big cables.

without spending $1,000s the AQ Tornado - Source comes to mind 

we ever compared the HC Tornado . The source was more detailed and naturally resolved. Perrotta Consultants is having specials on WWorld ,and AQ .retail around $1200 .Highly recommended . Was it the best no it was not but I didnot have $3-4k 

for a source cable to spend and very close. I spoke with a AQ engineer and his lengthy explanation ,- condensed , a cable if done correctly filters and lowers the noise floor,I could not agree more. Highly Recommended.

Could somebody translate this and tell us what he is trying to say? 

@bluethinker Even if you are well-off, $360 does not sound like an "economy oriented" cable.  Take that money and buy music, subscribe to Qobuz for a year, anything but waste it on junk.  The cable that comes with your streamer is more than good enough.  Don't let these elitist spendthrifts fool you.  Power cables DO NOT make an audible difference, and neither do expensive fuses, Shakti stones, $10,000 grounding boxes, nor the rest of the garbage these people spout off on.  I'm sure I'll be cancelled after this.

Certainly not…just ignored by many…but not all….. 

For a source component, especially something with a processor chip in it..running at high frequencies, get the best shielding…. AQ or Shunyata… You should also try not running everything thru your power conditioning….