Suggested Power Cable for Streamer

Fellow Audio Fanatics - 

I’m at the stage of fine tuning my system. It’s been roughly three years of investment, trial and error, and pure enjoyment. However, as many of you know, this hobby tends to make us obsessive over the prospect of making “incremental improvements.” 


I think it’s simply because we’ve made adjustments over time that paid off. 


I am currently using a NRG “The Five,” which is a heavy gauge power cable from a gentleman up in Canada. Great cable for the price! That said, my sense is it’s a cable designed more for power amp rather than source components like DACs or streamers. 

I’m wondering if I could improve the performance of my streamer with another cable more specifically designed for source components? If so, what cable might you recommend?  Your responses are greatly appreciated. 

I’m posting my system below for context. 

  • Innuos Zenith streamer with NRG “the five” cable 
  • Merason DAC1 with a LessLoss power cable 
  • Linear Tube Audio preamp with a cardas clear reflection cable 
  • Conrad Johnson Classic 120 with a Cardas Clear Beyond XL cable
  • Speakers - switch between Dynaudio Heritage Specials and QLN Prestige 3  

Everything is connected to a Puritan 156 with their classic cable. I will soon upgrade to their Ultimate cable which will plug directly into the wall.





I've had good experiences with Triode Wire Labs, a brand that has a good reputation by many here. I noticed a slightly more relaxed and natural sound adding it (Digital American 2 cable) to feed my Lumin U1/X1 power supply.

What I’ve used that was an improvement on digital components over a PC designed for a power amp. Nordost Vishnu which the best I can described is fast, music has snap or PRaT. Wouldn’t say the Vishnu was thin but the stage was a little closed in compared to what I ended with. Not sure if the Vishnu is a shielded cable but it is very revealing, not bright or fatiguing. Wywires Silver Juice II Digital brought everything the Nordost had to offer but more open, wider stage which made the speakers disappear or the WyWires just got out of the way where the Nordost in comparison brought attention to itself. I’ve tried heavier WyWires Silver and Platinum Juice II HC (high current) on digital components, and the lighter gauge WyWires Digital PC’s sound better. As always it’s system dependent and what sounds best to you. 

@mclinnguy ​​@bluethinker 

my system never sounded bright except in two instances - 

1. Ultimate on PSM156

2. Shunyata Alpha v2 NR on amp

I used AQ Hurricane on the PSM156 and it was smooth and I liked it better than the Puritan Ultimate. I actually preferred Puritan Classic to Ultimate on PSM156. 
I sold the PSM156 after I ran two dedicated lines - I have all my components plugged into the wall outlets. Yes the PSM156 takes the noise floor down a bit but there’s a reduction in dynamics and extension and the compromise, in my system, to me, wasn’t worth it. I ran my amp at the time, Pass Labs XA30.8 straight to wall. The Puritan tamed the DAC and preamp bit much and I didn’t like the effect. You may have a different result in your system depending on components, power and preferences. Not saying the Puritan is a bad unit, it’s not. 

I’ll add…completely forgot…I swapped the connectors on the Puritan Classic for some Furutech and it improved the sound. It’s not the best power cord but it’s not the worst either.