Suggested Power Cable for Streamer

Fellow Audio Fanatics - 

I’m at the stage of fine tuning my system. It’s been roughly three years of investment, trial and error, and pure enjoyment. However, as many of you know, this hobby tends to make us obsessive over the prospect of making “incremental improvements.” 


I think it’s simply because we’ve made adjustments over time that paid off. 


I am currently using a NRG “The Five,” which is a heavy gauge power cable from a gentleman up in Canada. Great cable for the price! That said, my sense is it’s a cable designed more for power amp rather than source components like DACs or streamers. 

I’m wondering if I could improve the performance of my streamer with another cable more specifically designed for source components? If so, what cable might you recommend?  Your responses are greatly appreciated. 

I’m posting my system below for context. 

  • Innuos Zenith streamer with NRG “the five” cable 
  • Merason DAC1 with a LessLoss power cable 
  • Linear Tube Audio preamp with a cardas clear reflection cable 
  • Conrad Johnson Classic 120 with a Cardas Clear Beyond XL cable
  • Speakers - switch between Dynaudio Heritage Specials and QLN Prestige 3  

Everything is connected to a Puritan 156 with their classic cable. I will soon upgrade to their Ultimate cable which will plug directly into the wall.





Before  buying anything try Ice age audio Franken cable  -  the giants killer.


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There is nothing vague about George Cardas or Cardas audio. They are located in Bandon Oregon and have been since the beginning. I have a friend who is friends with him and been there more than once. They are as down to earth and open as any dedicated enthusiasts in the field. Cardas audio is an exceptional company.