Suggestion for $10K soup to nuts digital?

I have Comcast/Xfinity coaxial cable to their modem/router in an Apple equipped office approximately twenty feet from a remote xFi Pod with 2 ethernet outputs next to my rack. If this source is adequate what would you suggest next with a $10K budget?  


I suggest looking hard at what software options are included with or compatible before deciding on the hardware. It won't matter if option A is 1% better sounding than option B if you hate the interface. More specifically, IMHO Roon is fantastic and I wouldn't consider anything that isn't Roon compatible. 

There are plenty of threads detailing varying opinions about that and the proprietary software from various brands. Demoing or watching videos about their use is a wise idea. The best I've seen is this:




My best selling digital source and DAC is the Aurender N200 paired with the T+A DAC 200. That falls a bit north of $10K, into $12.9K retail, but the combination parallels performance of over $20K rigs. The

DAC 200 has about 90% of the performance of the $38.5K reference T+A SDV 3100 HV streaming DAC preamp. It’s sonically natural, with great body, speed and detail. The soundstage is also considerably larger than many other DACs in its price range. 

The Aurender N200 is one of Aurender’s latest products, which features a very high quality power supply and very low noise architecture which results in a digital signal that has coherency and body without fatigue. It I think is the best performer in its class and has been claimed by many to unseat the even more expensive Aurender N10. 

Again, this combination falls north of your budget. As an alternative, the Aurender A15, also just new to the market in the last few months, is the equivalent of the N200 streamer with the addition of a DAC and volume control. While I would strongly recommend having a good preamp in front of the chain and leaving the A15 to line level output, its DAC performance is incredibly close to that of the T+A DAC 200. The A15 is just a bit more neutral in comparison, with just a bit less body, and a slightly smaller soundstage. This route retails for $8K and leaves you budget for decent cables should you opt for it. 

I’ve compared DACs and streamers for years, and I settled on T+A and Aurender well before I became a dealer for them this year. Both companies make incredibly satisfying products. Searching for T+A DAC 200 or Aurender N200 on these forums will bring up some good threads, and the Aurender A15 is up there with the both of the two and fits in your budget. Happy to chat options in private should you have more questions.

Add the Meitner MA3 streamer/DAC/volume control (optional use) to your list.

@blisshifi   I am confused by the A200 vs N200, only from the perspective that they are the same price yet the A also has an internal DAC. Is that DAc not so good?  What other differences would justify the N200 being the same price? The N200 is on my short list of next upgrades.

“I think is the best performer in its class and has been claimed by many to unseat the even more expensive Aurender N10. ”


IMO, the revamped Aurender lineup clearly excels over its predecessors in terms of low frequency extension and slam. Both N150 & N200 renders a noticeable edge in terms of perceived detail over N100 and N10 not to mention 2x isolated Ethernet input and super capacitors for safe shut off in case of sudden loss of power in N200. Over the years, I have owned N100, N10, N20 and ACS100 and auditioned W20 and W20SE.