Suggestion on interconnects

I am using JMlab diva utopia hooked up with cj premium12 and 15, onix cd player. I mostly listen to classic music. Clarity and space are most important to me, any suggestion on some entrylevel ic I shall try? Many thanks!
At the "entry" level I'd echo the DH Labs BL-1 series II. Tons of clarity and air for not much dough.

However, if you can stretch a bit the Stereovox Colibri interconnects add an additional sense of dimension and space I've not heard from interconnects costing much more. Best of luck.
Leica man, I love my Oracle dot 2 cables but someday will try some tesla from the cable company!
Thank you all for your suggestions. I am getting a pair of MIT from a friend and will put them on tonight to see how it works.
i have owned mit interconnect and speaker cables.
i don't own them now. they are not the last word in cables.

i sold mine over a year ago. if you like them, fine. in no way are they the best available. there is no best available.

taste and perception determine what is best for any serious listener.
Classical especially if large orchestra is taxing to most equipment. Cables too. PS Audio Transcendant Silver Series is warm sounding. Also Clear Day Speaker Cables- silver shotgun- will give the space and warmth