Suggestions for a conditioner/surge protector?

Hello all.....I will be using a Powervar 6 outlet conditioner for the audio side of my setup, but would like to keep the video separate. The video side is a plasma tv, dvd player, satellite box(going to get), and possibly a dvr. The conditioner would have to have a coax input for cable/ satellite. The powervar will have the following plugged in: Innersound esl amp, Cary SLP-98 pre, Cary 303/100 cdp, and a REL Strata III sub. Would it be ok to use the REL sub there, or should I use it for the video side? As you can tell, I'm not an expert on power conditioning/surge protection, and would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.
If you can't do dedicated lines, then get a power regenerator (not a conditioner/filter -- they ruin sonics and represent "old technology" IMO) Consider an Exactpower EP-15A (my favorite ;--)

If you COULD do dedicated circuits and your power company provided relatively stable power, you wouldn't need a power "conditioner" either -- maybe just an isolation transformer.

Power conditioners IMO are high profit items whose charms have long ago faded, and any "surge" protection they offer is false security. If thunderstorms are iminent, UNPLUG YOUR SYSTEM!!
I should have stated that my budget is around < $500. The monster power hts 400 would work, but I don't know if it would be good enough.
In response to the power conditioner issue, I built from a kit a unit from Bruce at Transcendent Sound. The unit retails about $400. I have very dirty power and run an entire stereo system throught it without any difficulty. If I could build the kit anyone can however, the completed unit is available. I wholeheartedly second the pulling of the plugs in the event of a thunderstorm warning. Steve Levick
Take a look at the Monster product line

and the new H series of AVB power conditioners from APC, the leader in the computer space.

Both companies have offerings that properly sized, will absolutely make a very visible difference in your image quality.

Hopefully you will be using two different circuits both on the same phase leg. If you are going to plug both conditioners into one wall outlet - for reasons of budget or logistics - I would just get one bigger unit to plug everything into.

All things being equal, the sub should go with the rest of the audio to minimize the chance of a ground loop problem.

Based on my experience with my system, I don't entirely agree with you. You say "If you COULD do dedicated circuits and your power company provided relatively stable power, you wouldn't need a power conditioner."

I have two dedicated 20amp circuits terminated with Hubbell 8300IGI grounded hospital grade recepticals. One circuit services my front end gear and the other circuit is dedicated for my amp(s). Dedicated circuits offer a very nice improvement and mine are very stable at 117V.

I was running my front end gear through a custom tweaked 1.7Kva Topaz Ultra Isolation Transformer with only a very slight improvement in sonics. I ran this configuration for the last year, so I've become familiar with the overall sound.

Two weeks ago, I swapped out the Topaz Ultra Isolation Transformer for a custom tweaked Audio Magic Stealth Matrix power conditioner. I am completely blown away!

The most noteable improvements are a remarkable enhancement of space and air along with noise reduction. Imaging is more precise, focused and dimensional. Bass has greater slam and more articulated. The mids have greater clarity, detail and texture. The highs are cleaner and clearer with greater sparkle and air.

Adding the Audio Magic power conditioner to my system has been nothing short of intoxicating. My system sounded good before the Audio Magic but CLEARLY sounds much better with the Audio Magic.

This is just based on my experience with my system.
Vman, I can't debate your results. However, technically speaking, all a conditioner can do is filter out certain kinds of noise. It can also smooth out voltage spikes or, if they're too big, try and clamp them before they destroy your equipment (ha ha!)

They can't fix truncated sine waves, hold up sagging voltage, or lock the AC at 60 Hz, only regenerators can do that. And conditioners do what they do at the expense of fastest energy transfer from wall to equipment. Since energy transfer is more important to amp performance than noise filtration, that's why most folks with ded. cts. just plug their amps into the wall using big 10 AWG power cords.

I'll say this: if you believe a power conditioner made that big a difference, then you owe it to yourself to try a balanced power unit on the front end stuff, instead of a conditioner -- that'll really blow you away!

I wanted to try the ExactPower-15A like you have but my one opportunity to get it for a good price slipped by me. When the custom tweaked Audio Magic came up for sale, I had to try it, as that was the other brand that I was considering.

I think it will be a long time before I ever consider replacing this Audio Magic power conditioner. I would, if the opportunity presents itself, try a balanced power unit.

BTW- Since I love tweaked/modified gear, I will eventually insert my PS Ultimate Outlet with two large Bybee filters inside, between my amp and the other dedicated circuit.
Vman, honestly, I don't think you need an EP-15A (regenerator.) Just plug your amp(s) into the wall and get a balanced unit like a BPT, Equi=Tech, or Exactpower SP-15A for the front end stuff on the other circuit. That should do it.

I think I'm set for quite some time. Words cannot express how happy I am right now with the way things are sounding.

I use to be a cynic when it came to conditioners too - but let me tell you this.

When I plugged in my Audio-Magic Stealth conditioner (in place of my panamax 1000+) - the changes were far from subtle... for about $400 used It's easily the cheapest "REAL" upgrade I have done.