Suggestions for a streamer only (I have a great DAC)

I have a dCS Paganini DAC and Paganini Clock. I’m looking for a streamer only to pair with the Paganini to stream via Tidal.  That’s it, I don’t need a streamer/DAC/etc.  I don’t want to extra for pay for redundancy.  Any good suggestions on a streamer only  that you have paired to a high end DAC with good results would be appreciated. 


PLEASE no “try some at home on your system” responses …. that’s the reason I came here, for some recommendations. Price range $1500-$5000.




I think for the OP the intersection of synergy with current DAC, simplicity, flexibility and future upgrade paths lies with the upper tier options from Innuos. 

Having the new Innuos streaming software, easy CD ripping, album management, server integration and sound quality is pretty solid. You can add Roon down the road if desired? I tried Roon but found it did not solve any problem I had. The cool magazine browser like functionality is fun though. I decided to stay with my Linn Akurate system. 

+ 2 for Innuos Zenith Mark III. Just got it recently & really like it. Simple, solid, app works great, burns CD’s fast & sounds excellent. 

Just to play devil’s advocate here:

The Paganini is an older discontinued product. I have no idea what the used resale value is like? But it would be interesting to figure out the dollar value and sound quality against a new DCS Bartok for example? The Bartok would be a clean one box solution for streaming and DAC duties. 


+1 for the Metronome. I had that home for a weekend and tested it against the dCS. It is as well built as the dCS and very musical sounding. The dCS digs out more details do, I find. I also prefer Mosaic before M-connect (the generic software that Metronome use and many others).

Theoretica Applied Physics offer a few different configurations. The "Adio" for instance "doubles" as a streamer. However, as I use it, a PC or a MAC is needed in the network as a Roon core. It comes with a dedicated Mac 10.5inch Ipad from where music is operated via the Roon interface. It can however be configured to be a Roon core and end-point player and Tidal/Qobuz streamer, but I prefer to handle Roon outside of it.

In my case I was looking for a strong streamer solution foremost, but found the machine add additional features (Cross talk eliminated 3D sound) I today can not live without. As it comes with a good DAC and a pre-amp I sold most of my other gear to justify the purchase. And now I keep the signal path as simple as possible.

Power amplifier + Bacch + Speakers.