Suggestions for Balanced cable between Luxman C900U and M900U.

Need some feedback on  cable synergy for Luxman combo. Xlr balanced cable approx 12 ft. Price range $1500-2500.
Thanks Mike
If the system is truly balanced, cables should not make a difference.
In the case of the c900u it does not support the AES48 balanced standard. This is a wiring issue and maybe not related to 'Truely Balanced". I asked Luxman Japan this question.
I recommend the Mogami non quad cables as well - couldn’t tell a difference in my fully balanced ARC system.

Audience AU24SX Balanced IC's. Use them between VTL 7.5iii preamp and Krell FPB 300cx amp and they are near-perfect. Detailed, full-bodied, natural sounding, don't do anything wrong. And reasonably priced. Can't go wrong.