Suggestions for Best Complete System -$1,000 or less???

We are gathering contenders for a shootout. The $1,000 top limit is the obvious challenge.
Streaming seems the best source to use as TT and CD Players would price it all too high.
The Results may appeal to people who are younger and are comfortable streaming.
So please list some possibles you have read about or own that fit the bill. 
"Music under $1,000 all in"


Vanatoo Encore Ones.  $599.  Add a pair of Monoprice speakers stands.  About $120.  Truly audiophile wireless speakers with built in amps and dac.  But you MUST stream Tidal or something similar quality. Not MP3’s or Spotify.  Easily the best bargain in audiophile today.  Clarity and bass are exceptional. I converted some newbies when they heard these

2nd those Vanatoos. Heard them at shows and just picked up a pair. Lots of Good sound making technology in an affordable and compact package. An easy well integrated and flexible entry level audiophile system. Just add streamer. Any phone tablet or computer will do.   I use mostly squeeze and Plex apps.  May add Tidal someday. 
I just put a sub-$1k system together at work and posted extensively on the journey in a thread titled “Only $800 ...”. I’d link to it but not sure how to do that. Easy to find, as I don’t have too many posts. 

Anyway, it’s a Bluesound Node 2 streamer amplifier and NHT C1 sealed bookshelf speakers. Total with power and speaker cables about $930, all new. 

Overall I’m happy with the quality. Not blown away or anything, but it’s pretty good. I’m considering Dynaudio Excite x14’s as a speaker upgrade which would push system cost to roughly $1200 but we’ll see. Would provide a bit more bass (to 50 Hz from current 70 Hz) as I don’t think I can bring a subwoofer in to the mix (neighboring offices would likely complain). 

This was a fun exercise.  I came up with Wharfdale Diamond 10.1 monitors with a Dayton 12" sub and a PS Audio Sprout100 fed by a Google Chromecast Audio (discontinued but available on EBay for about 40 bucks).  The whole shebang (all components brand new) comes in at $955, which leaves 45 bucks for wires that can be upgraded later.  The thing that makes this system particularly attractive to me is that it will be near full range with the sub.  Just to prove these all can be had for $955...

Some good suggestions so far...

I would suggest a Bluesound Powernode 2i and a pair of Elac B5.2 speakers as a simple one-box $1000 system, but I hear that the Powernode's price is going to increase by $100 soon due to the tariffs.  Maybe look for a used Powernode 2 (I would avoid the first generation).   That said, if you already have a laptop or PC that you can use to stream, connect that to an NAD 3020 ($449) and there are a host of really great speakers in the $300 - 500 range (Elac, Monitor Audio, Wharfedale, etc.).

I've got a Powernode 2, Elac B5 speakers and S10 subwoofer in a second system (total cost <$1,200), and it is a very nice system to listen to.   
Similar to suggestions by @soix .. PS Audio Sprout100 ELAC System for $899:

They even includes speaker cables. Add a Chromecast Audio for streaming on the cheap (or just use Bluetooth). I would do this myself if I were in the market for a secondary system.
-Dynaudio X14a ($800) + a $200 dac
-Dynaudio XEO 4
-Dynaudio Xeo 6 used
-Edifier S3000 pro
-Vanatoo Encore One

-Any nice used $500 integrated + a pair of used speakers for $500...NAD C 356 BEE, Monitor Audio Silver 1 for example.

You can put together a pretty nice system for $1000-$1500 :-)
two options


 Genelec powered monitors:

You need XLR to those speakers, as they are for the Pro/studio audience.  Try this as a DAC/streamer: .  Incredibly small footprint for your system, too.

Topping D50s DAC connected to your computer, 

used Yamaha integrated amp or receiver (AS-501, perhaps). 

You might find the digital inputs on the Yamaha sufficient, even, and skip the DAC. I think it uses the ESS chipset. that would leave room for a Raspberry Pi streamer, if you wanted to go that way.

Speakers are tough, but Dynaudio and Wharfedale suggestions above seem like solid suggestions.  
Sorry for the late response. These are very helpful ideas-Thanks.
A small sub with a small speaker would likely be 1/2 of the $1,000
budget. As most people have a computer, all you need is something
like the Sprout or do a powered speaker!