Suggestions for Best Complete System -$1,000 or less???

We are gathering contenders for a shootout. The $1,000 top limit is the obvious challenge.
Streaming seems the best source to use as TT and CD Players would price it all too high.
The Results may appeal to people who are younger and are comfortable streaming.
So please list some possibles you have read about or own that fit the bill. 
"Music under $1,000 all in"


-Dynaudio X14a ($800) + a $200 dac
-Dynaudio XEO 4
-Dynaudio Xeo 6 used
-Edifier S3000 pro
-Vanatoo Encore One

-Any nice used $500 integrated + a pair of used speakers for $500...NAD C 356 BEE, Monitor Audio Silver 1 for example.

You can put together a pretty nice system for $1000-$1500 :-)
two options


 Genelec powered monitors:

You need XLR to those speakers, as they are for the Pro/studio audience.  Try this as a DAC/streamer: .  Incredibly small footprint for your system, too.

Topping D50s DAC connected to your computer, 

used Yamaha integrated amp or receiver (AS-501, perhaps). 

You might find the digital inputs on the Yamaha sufficient, even, and skip the DAC. I think it uses the ESS chipset. that would leave room for a Raspberry Pi streamer, if you wanted to go that way.

Speakers are tough, but Dynaudio and Wharfedale suggestions above seem like solid suggestions.  
Sorry for the late response. These are very helpful ideas-Thanks.
A small sub with a small speaker would likely be 1/2 of the $1,000
budget. As most people have a computer, all you need is something
like the Sprout or do a powered speaker!