Suggestions for current blues guitarists

I have picked up two what I consider real good blues discs in the last few weeks. Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart - Don't Explain, and Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights EP. The Bright Lights album is only 4 songs, but 4 real good ones, I can't wait to hear more from Gary Clark Jr. Anyways I was just trying to see if anybody here has any suggestions for similar type albums out now. Thanks.

Jonny Lang, been pro since he was 14 and just turned 30. Great live player from Minnesota. Slays the Les Paul, a really fat sound. I prefer the Strat for blues personally, but he made a believer of me. And, he has a really hot sister who sings in the band. More reason to see him live.

"The first two songs on Gary Clark Jr.'s EP are killer!"

What's the titles?