Suggestions for DAC isolation?

My DACs transformer hums/buzzes slightly and I would like to control some of the associated vibration. The DAC is relatively light weight (not in sound). Contacted the manufacturer who said it's normal.

It currently resides on a 3" thick maple slab with 2 VPI bricks on top. Large Audio Points brass cones under maple slab. Thinking about Still Points, Finite Elemente, Black Diamond type units between the maple and DAC.

Maybe something like the Finite Elemente Resonator/The Sound of Silence on top.

1. Has anyone had similar problems?
2. Any suggestions for controlling vibration under DAC?
3. Mass loading or vibration dissipation better on top?

Thanks for any insights you can offer.
Have you tried tightening the bolts on the transformer, and putting weight directly on top of the transformer itself (assuming that's possible)? I had a noisy transformer on a tube amp once and that did the trick. For isolation i like Sistrum, but i don't think that will help a buzzing transrformer (nor would any other type of isolation, IMO).
Normal? Send it back for a replacement. These type of units should not hum/buzz. If a replacement does not solve the problem best to dump it. The expense of your tweak efforts indicated you can step up to a better unit would not hum/buzz.
DAC's should not hum or buzz. Either the mfr. is BS'ng you or it is a defective design/manufacture.