Suggestions for low powered tube amps for Zu Omens

I have decided to take the plunge in some type of low powered tube amplifier for my Zu Omen for late night listening. Declare, Oddwatt, Bottlehead, Elekit, are some of names I have researched. I would be appreciative of any guidance/ suggestions you might have. I have no issues with a kit if it keeps the cost down.. actually that even sounds kinda of fun. I also like the idea of buying or building a low powered amp that can be converted to Mono, if I like the sound.
The Bakoon 7511Mk3 is a wonderful sounding thing and great with high efficiency speakers.The Elekit amps are also very good but the Bakoons are really special.Only 15 watts but they have a purity to them that I have only heard from really good SET amps.
Decware. several used mini toriis for sale on the decware site. 4 watts is plenty
Coincident Dynamo 34 SE,8 wpc,high current very comfortable driving lower efficiency speakers.Average re sale on an MKII about $1,000 or less.Stellar reviews.