Suggestions for my system

Hi all - Looking for some suggestions on my system.  So right now I listen near field (just about 6 feet from the speakers) in a small room, around 13x11 feet.  I have a Rega Elicit-R amp with a Rega Saturn-R cd player, and a Rega Planar 8 and Aria for my analog front end.  Harbeth C7ES3's for speakers.  I primarily listen to classic Jazz and orchestral music through my setup.  My main goals in hifi are an expansive soundstage in width and depth, and holography.  My system right now is great, Rega has all the PRAT and is energetic to listen to however I feel like it's not the last word in lifelike representation.  I'm curious to try tube amps or different monitors as home demos to see if I can gain anything and was looking for some opinions on what I should seek out.  The loudest I listen is around 90db with peaks sometimes at 95 but no more.  Also, would like to stay integrated and not separates.  Thanks very much

My setup:
Rega Elicit-R
Rega Saturn-R
Rega Planar 8 with Hana SL
Rega Aria
Shunyata Denali, Alpha power cords
Teo interconnects
@mikecorwin , yes I have compared classical and chamber music with tube and SS. 
First, the reason I say wide soundstaging and holographic imaging can be achieved with SS is because I owned a Sunfire 300 amp which presented a soundstage that  went deep into my front wall. It all depends on the design. I think McCormick amps are also known for this type of presentation. I dont think the British designers put as much importance on this aspect of sound reproduction.
And btw, I've always used tube preamps with SS.

Currently, I own an EAR 534 push-pull Class A amp. The preamp is Audio Note. Tubes will give you realism, IMO. Realistic tonal qualities of acoustic instruments, realistic attack and decay, more sense of being there. Of course, it's design and system dependent. I also have another tube amp which does very well except for the holography.
My tube components allow the orchestra to sound naturally layered. Many components can provide a black background which allows you to hear separation of instruments. But, the right tube setup sounds organic and spacious. 

My system has deep tight punch to it, but it would not fall into the category of PRAT. Each component was chosen to have synergy for classical music. It also does very well with jazz, especially older jazz combo recordings.

Hope this was informative.


Listening now to the Bernstein/Mahler remaster and it sounds magnificent. Accurate tonal qualities, wide dynamic range, and an amazing amount of depth to the stage.

If you like the Naim sound from your amp, consider changing to a tube preamp. You should do an audition since you're looking for particular characteristics most importantly soundstaging.

I know this is not the answer you are looking for however out of curiosity I was wondering if you are using one or more dedicated 20 amp circuits and higher quality duplex outlets as in audiophile quality?
I assume the answer is yes but I wanted to know for sure.
mikecorwin, What you are is unhappy with your speakers. Everything else is just fine although you might try getting a good tube phono amp like a used ARC PH-3 SE. In a room like that you should put a 4 X 4 square pattern of foam acoustic tiles  on the front wall centered on the speakers.
Get a pair of LS3 5As on stands and a JL Audio F112 sub to start. You might add a second down the line. 
@lak I have a dedicated 20 amp circuit feeding my audio system with a hospital grade outlet which then goes to my Shunyata Denali.  @mijostyn I had P3's on loan here and had KEF LS50's as well which while they were both awesome speakers I still feel the C7's add more body and flesh out instruments and voices better.  I heard the Grahams take on the LS3's and wasn't really taken with them, felt the P3's were more exciting.