Suggestions for organizing albums

I'm looking for some ideas on how to index my LP's for quicker browsing and selection. I've tried filing them all together alphabetically and also by categories like Classic Rock, Vocals, Punk, Blues, etc.

Any ideas for categories that make more sense and seem to make browsing easier? I've got some new ideas but wanted to see how others are doing it.

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Seems to me that categories, then alphabetized within the category would be about all you need to do.
I separate by category and put a tag on the shelf to identify it. Then I arrange the records in alphabetical order within each category. As for category names, that really depends on your music preferances. I think it is more important to physically place your records in a manner that allows you to pull them out without damaging the covers. I had a sheet metal shop make U shaped holders 9" wide. They are not visible in use and they keep a long stack of records from lying to one side creating a lot of pressure.
I just alphabetize mine, with categories mixed. I keep a spreadsheet (alphabetized by arists then sorted by year) so I know what I have when I go the the 'fun' store. I keep the LP order on the storage unit the same as the spreadsheet - I can find what I want pretty quickly. I also have alphabet tabs on my storage unit (Bags Unlimited)to help me locate the 'letter' of the artist quickly.