Suggestions for organizing albums

I'm looking for some ideas on how to index my LP's for quicker browsing and selection. I've tried filing them all together alphabetically and also by categories like Classic Rock, Vocals, Punk, Blues, etc.

Any ideas for categories that make more sense and seem to make browsing easier? I've got some new ideas but wanted to see how others are doing it.

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Thanks for all of your ideas. A $1.280 hit on a key point for me -- is there a scientific way to stumble into a fresh discovery:)?

I have about 600 albums and I seem to always go to the eye level shelf to start, which ignores most of them. I think I'll go to one of the LP store sites like Acoustic Sounds and get some ideas for categories, and then either improve the lighting near my shelving or rotate the categories to eye level once in a while.

Thanks for sharing
you can organize your records in alphabetical order, or rip them to a pc and use mediamonkey