Suggestions for ripping services.


I have been working, off and on (far more off than on of late) on a project to digitize my music collection. As outlined below, I have neither the time nor the inclination to do this myself. Within reason, cost isn’t a constraint.
Prior efforts have yielded hit or miss results and having to clean up metadata problems (e.g., songs by The Cure are scattered under artist headings “The Cure,” “Cure, The,” “Cure,” etc. or David Bowie’s songs end up some as “Bowie,” “David Bowie,” “Bowie, David” and even “David Bowie ft Queen”.)

I have probably 1500 CDs and also 30 or so SACDs and even DVD concerts I’d love to add to my digital collection if feasible and legal (an issue for BlueRays).
Anyone have positive or less than positive results with one or more vendors? I’d be happy to pack off my collection and send it off tor digitalization. 
With all due respects to well-meaning advice, I’m not interested in DIY alternatives using nifty software packages that might work with my Macs. I’ve gone that route and I don’t have the time or discipline to do it yet again. (I’ve kids, a new puppy, and lots of time constraints.)

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@nc03854 Were you successful in finding a service that could rip and tag your CD collection?  I'm struggling to do it myself.

Rip them in Jriver, then get Roon.  Pay kid a dime a disk.  My 12 year old grandson ripped 800 or so for me. Jriver is a fast ripper, HD is SSD.  Roon is the better organizer and interface.