Suggestions for upgrading amps in my home theater system

I currently have an Anthem 1120 receiver that I am planning to replace. I currently use a Moon Sim 330 A amp with the 1120. I have a 9 speaker home theater system with two subs, so I will need to power 9 speakers. I hate to sell my Moon Sim amp but I think I am better off with two 5 channel amps. I am seriously thinking of buying two Gen 2 Anthem 525 channel amps but not sure if the Anthem will be a downgrade from my Moon Sim 330 A



How are your speakers set up?  I have a 5.1 system for home theater and have been very happy.  That said, with a 5.1 you have 2 main fronts, a center and 2 rears with a sub.  If I had an amp that I loved the sound of I would put this on your mains and worry about the surrounds from "other" amplification.  This also gives me the option of playing in stereo mode with speakers and a amp that I love the sound.  That is what I did.  Is it perfect, I don't know, it works for me.  I would be tempted to purchase 1 of the Anthem 525, play through your mains and compare to the Moon.  If Anthem wins, sell the Moon and proceed.  If Moon wins, you have to purchase 2 more channels and perhaps go with the Anthem 225. 

I have Two fronts, center, 6 ceiling speakers. I have 2 subs. My Anthem runs the center and the 6 ceiling and the Moon Sim takes care of the left right.

I will sell the receiver and buy the Anthem 90 processor. I will need a total of 9 amps. I would seem the best way is two 5 channel amps, I want the amp to run the front 3 so it would seem selling the Sim is the best option unless its not that important to have the L-C-R to have the same amp. That's what I need to find out

Keep your Moon Sim 330 A amp for the front channels

there is a McIntosh MC8207 here on Audiogon for the 7 other channels

( I have a MC8207 )

Your Anthem processor room calibration will fix your center speaker.