Suggestions for upgrading amps in my home theater system

I currently have an Anthem 1120 receiver that I am planning to replace. I currently use a Moon Sim 330 A amp with the 1120. I have a 9 speaker home theater system with two subs, so I will need to power 9 speakers. I hate to sell my Moon Sim amp but I think I am better off with two 5 channel amps. I am seriously thinking of buying two Gen 2 Anthem 525 channel amps but not sure if the Anthem will be a downgrade from my Moon Sim 330 A



@maxwave Great suggestion, I had not thought about the  MC MC8207. I thought it would be best to have the front three the same but I really would rather keep my Sim. Thanks

@Eric, that wouldn't work, I have an 1120 which I want to sell to buy the Anthem AVM 90. I am currently using the Moon for the Left -Right and the 1120 for the other 7 speakers


@hoosierinohio When I listen to music I am only using the Moon Sim 330A with L-R and no center and no ceiling speakers. The reality is that everything is good but I am a gear head and always thinking about making it better. I hate to lose money selling the Sim as it was expensive and a nice amp