Suggestions needed

Putting together my first serious but affordable rig.
- Decware TORII amp

- Tekton Double Impact speakers

- Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ2

But I don't know how to connect them best. Is it really necessary to spend big money for cables? Are these $159 mini-cables to connect from my DACs 3.5mm output going to give me better sound than my $12 Amazon ones?

Any speaker cables you can recommend?
For budget speaker cables, Audioquest Type 4.  Check out at Audio Advisor, I think they have a good deal on them. Yes, far better than amazon $12 cables, but I would keep Cable expenditures minimal for a starter system. Check out kimber PBJ interconnect as well.
I used to have those Audioquests a long time ago - they are good for nothing, never tried $12 cables, though.
I auditioned their least expensive interconnects - not bad at all, should work well in your set-up. 150 hours burn-in time minimum.
I tried them out of curiosity, mostly.