Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..

I have gone through quite a bit and just looking for some feedback from others.
I am looking for a neutral sounding but extremely powerful integrated amplifier for a pair of Wilson mk3 (I am aware of the specifications and I do require power and control at loud volumes)
Please do not suggest anything out of my needs since I am specific in this requirement.

I am currently trying a hand full of integrated's but truly would appreciate some input based on your experiences.
I have 7k to spend (new or used and leaning towards used for the available choices) and need a single box solution. I have tried all the Krell's, ARC, Ayre, Pass, Audio Note integrated units and now I am wanting to move a notch up.

Vitus, Gryphon make world class integrateds. i have not checked second-hand pricing in a while.
Rapogee - is that the new one? i believe there was an older one which was marketed as a 50-watt per channel Class A amp...but in fact had volume control and a couple inputs. this was around 3 years ago (approximately).

Ultraaudio had a review by Jeff Fritz...where, among other things, he said dont be fooled by 50 watts. it sounded far more propulsive, powerful and effortless than many SOTA muscle amps. The dynamic headroom probably had a lot to do with this.
Jeff Fritz Vitus SS-101 from 2007

ok...nevermind...way too expensive.

However, if you read the review...the Sim Moon Audio stuff is probably well within reach. i am pretty sure they do an integrated.
I went though trying different integrateds to go with with my Martin Logans Vistas which love power at 4 ohms.
I finally got the new Music Hall A70.2 It does not get alot of talk but it is really a Giant Killer.Great sound'fast'pinpoint imaging. It is a dual mono at 125w at 8ohms and 180 at 4 ohms.Built like a tank.Huge transformers.Also the price is very good.It is a great integrated.
Sorry about that, I don’t know why the link isn’t working. It’s an Audiogon listing for a NEODIO NR 600 SIGNATURE Integrated amplifier.
There is definitely some good suggestions and thanks. I am looking at the DartZeel 8550 and Boulder 865 and even considering the ARC DSI200 since I have access to one.
I would second the Gamut Di150 recommendation. A tremendous amp with lots of power. I wish I had kept mine for a second system.
I'd suggest also looking into the BMC C1. Mine works very well with the Revel Salon 2's, and replace some much more expensive gear.
If you will buy used, I would recommend the Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp. It uses a small tube in its signal path and puts out 275 watts/ch 8ohms. It is the best amp I have had in my system, and a little warmer than a straight SS amp. the phono stage is very good also.
BMC C1 amplifer is an interesting one as well.
Not sure of the overall presentation, I must audition this as well.
Tmsorosk....have you heard the new AX-5 integrated by Ayre? Please share if you had the experience.
I would be very curious to see how it sounds compared to the Ayre AX-7. I have tried the Ayre AX-7 a while ago and its a very good little amplifier assured but as you can see, I am considering a relatively significant upgrade and willing to pay more as well. Thanks for the suggestion, its definitely a good integrated amplifier.

What would you think of a manufacturer (BMC) and distributor (Aaudio Imports) who refuse to support their products when after identifying, notifying, and working with them to correct the sonic defect and then waiting 12 more months for the problem to be corrected receives the following email?

On Jan 7, 2013, at 10:47 AM, Brian Ackerman wrote:

Dear John,

I tried to reach out to you many times and you ignored me.

Also both Carlos and I felt that you were over-driving the amplifier.

If we find out that you are spreading rumors about BMC or Aaudio imports I can assure you that we will take legal action against you..

You received special pricing on the C1 amplifier, which is now discontinued and has been replaced with the CS2 amplifier.

I suggest you sell your C1 and buy something else that you think will be a better match for your speakers.

Talking trash about us won’t get you anywhere but in trouble.

Regards, Brian

From: Brian Ackerman []
Sent: Monday, December 26, 2011 12:24 AM
To: John
Subject: RE: snippet 3

Hi John,

I guess that I am asking you to wait for the upgrade since this should not also solve your problem, but also improve the sound of your amp.

- Brian
Since you laid out exactly zero information about the supposed "sonic defect" or any prior attempts to rectify it, then I have no idea what to think about any of it.

If you want anyone to take whatever your issue is seriously, I would suggest a more detailed approach rather than a single hit-and-run post.