suggestions on small footprint phono stages

Hello gang - I'm interested in upgrading my phono stage (a PS Audio GCPH), but for the sake of WAF I need something with a smaller footprint width-wise (roughly in the dimensions of the GCPH, which is less than 1/2 a rack space).

I like and enjoy the GCPH (and it's flexibility), but it is a bit bright/cold sometimes (my speakers - Focal 1027 - contribute there). So, I am looking for something a little more organic - tube preferred as a contrast to the GCPH, but SS works too.

I'm flexible on price - ballpark $2k-$3k, new or used. To that end, the EAR 834P is on my list to check out (and an 88PB if I can find one secondhand), and the Artemis PL1/PH1, though I think that'll limit me to MCs (I currently have a Shelter 501mk2 and a Sumiko Blackbird - it'd be nice to have the flexibility to experiment with some MMs at some point, but not a dealbreaker), ASR mini basis.

Any suggestions to narrow the field down?

I think the Pro-ject Tube Box II SE sounds better than the GCPH I owned for a short while. MM/MC and sufficient loading options for the non-fanatic. Subsonic filter too, if you need it. I replaced the stock tubes with Black Sable Tung Sol and it sounded quite a bit better. It's a very nice little piece for the money. No doubt, not in class of the EAR, but still better than the PS IMHO.
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I would suggest the Emmeline F-117, Nighthawk, phono stage from Ray Samuels Audio. It's not bigger than a pack of cigarettes, is battery powered and great flexibility. I haven't heard it first hand but the reviews a great. Sells direct for $795. P.S. I am not related to them.
RSA Nighthawk battery power phono. It beats GCPH easily for less money IMO as I had the GCPH earlier which was underwhelming. Nighthawk is quite dynamic, high gain but quiet,smooth mid with non strident high and it provides flexible loading.
i am not familar with many of the hi end phono stages, but i do own the zyx and it performs well and does have the small footprint. I use it with my zyx UNIverse and airy3 cartridges as well as a frog on occasion.