Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 + Audio Technica AT-PL120

Hi, I'm currently usin an Audio Technica AT-PL120 with with all the stadard accessories, including the tonearm and ATP-2 cartridge. I'm thinking that it might be a sonic benefit to upgrade the cartridge to the Sumiko Blue Point No. 2, however the ATP-2 is a MM and the Blue Point is a MC. Will this present any problems? I couldn't really tell if the specs on either of the cartridges match or not. Both are half-inch mount, so I shouldn't need a new headshell. Will the lower output be an issue? Also, I am using the internal pre-amp in the AT-PL120, as my Parasound AVC-1800 doesn't have a Phono input. Furthermore, I use a Rotel 980BX for stereo amplification, Acoustic Research interconnects, and Infinity Overture 2 speakers. Thanks for any insight.
There's nothing dimensionally that would prevent you from mounting a BP #2 on the AT-PL120. The PL-120's built-in phono stage can probably handle the Blue Point's lower output. You will find that you have to turn the volume up on your Parasound unit to achieve the same in-room loudness.

To get a better match with the BP #2, you should probably get the Sumiko headshell as well. It's a bit heavier and should raise the tonearm's effective mass to better match the compliance of the BP #2.

You may want to consider the Ortofon 2M Blue instead, however. It has much higher output and its compliance is almost certainly a better match for the PL-120's arm than the Blue Point.

The editor of the online Tone Audio magazine reviewed the AT PL-120 in Issue 11 on page 9. He liked a couple of Ortofons and a Grado wood-bodied Platinum. In private correspondence with another editor who was working closely with him, he told me they found the 2M Blue to be a surprisingly good match with both the PL-120 and the turntable that inspired it, the Technics SL12x0.
That is very interesting. Thanks for the response. A couple Ortofons had been second on my list, but the 2M Blue will probably move to the top in light of your recommendation. Thanks again for the great information.