Sumiko Flux Buster Instructions Needed

Hi,  If any of you own a Sumiko Flux Buster and happen to have the manual, I am looking for a copy.  If you could scan it and send it to me I would happily pay a small fee.  I happen to have one I have never used and just plan to sell it, but wanted to include instructions for use.  I am quite certain you just plug the RCA jacks into it and do Channel A, then channel B and that is about it.  Thanks to all who respond.  Are we permitted to leave our email address?  lclod at charter net
I caution you to be very careful of the use of the Flux Buster.  Make sure that your cartridge can accommodate its use.  Some cartridges have extremely thin internal wire that would melt with the Flux Buster.  If you want to use it (I take no responsibility) plug in the cables from your turntable/arm/cartridge using either the rca jacks or if you have a detachable headshell you can plug it into the larger accommodation.  You can also use an xlr to rca adapter if you have a balanced line.  Plug the fluxbuster into the wall.  With the rocker switch, select left or right.  There will be a flashing LED that will tell you its working. When the flashing stops, the process for that side (a or b) has worked.  I disconnect the fluxbuster while the steady led light is on....there has been some discussion that if turned off while connected, it than can remagnetize the cartridge.  It can only be used with moving coil cartridges. Do not use with moving magnet cartridges  I don't have the manual, but this says it all
I just scanned my manual for you.   I will need an email address to send it to.  Sorry I see it above.  The manual is on it's way.
Stringreen, thanks for the admonishment.  Mofi, got your email and was able to print just fine, for which I thank you.  Others need not respond.