Sumiko Flux Buster Instructions Needed

Hi,  If any of you own a Sumiko Flux Buster and happen to have the manual, I am looking for a copy.  If you could scan it and send it to me I would happily pay a small fee.  I happen to have one I have never used and just plan to sell it, but wanted to include instructions for use.  I am quite certain you just plug the RCA jacks into it and do Channel A, then channel B and that is about it.  Thanks to all who respond.  Are we permitted to leave our email address?  lclod at charter net
I just scanned my manual for you.   I will need an email address to send it to.  Sorry I see it above.  The manual is on it's way.
Stringreen, thanks for the admonishment.  Mofi, got your email and was able to print just fine, for which I thank you.  Others need not respond.
Wondering if you guys still have a copy of the manual. Highly interested if so. Received my Sumiko Flux Buster today. I had read up enough to know to take out the stylus first, but I want to make sure I continue to use it correctly. Old thread, I know, but hoping you guys still have a copy available! 
Wondering if you guys still have a copy of the manual.
I've got a copy of the manual. PM me your email address and I'll scan it in for you.