Superb cheap speaker placement, finding the "sweet spot" tool.

On the new Sound Liaison sampler there are a number of tracks from their One Microphone recordings.
These extremely well recorded tracks are ideal for speaker placement or finding the ideal listening position.
These recordings makes you believe the band is in your listening room. Adjust your listening position or speaker placement simply by viewing the session photo and imagining the band in front of you.
I got the idea from this 5 star review of the recordings:
.....These guys and this recording just rocks. Pace, rhythm, tone and soundstage are just off the charts.
The precise placement of all four of the musicians perfectly matches the photos of the sessions.
The balance of all four instruments is darn near perfect. As you can no doubt tell, I am a huge fan of this recording.
It is one of the best in terms of recording quality I have ever heard. Of course, and as always,
your view of the actual music content may vary quite considerably from mine.
Nonetheless, I think we would all agree that this recording sounds sensational....

The cool thing about the XLO Test CD speaker set-up track is that it’s the only (rpt only) way to find the absolute best locations for ANY speakers in ANY room. All other methods are bound to fall short. The best you can do with other methods is find reasonably good locations, we call those LOCAL MAXIMUMS.

It’s like trying to solve x simultaneous equations in x+n unknowns. As you improve room acoustics with room treatments and add tweaks, lo and behold! You need to find the new optimum speaker locations. It’s a fluid situation on the ground. That’s why lasers and other measurement methods don’t work as well. Oh, you thought you only had to do it once? 😳 “You should hear the sound coming from all around you, from no particular direction.” That’s using the out of phase track, speaker set up track. “The better you can make my voice coming at you from all around when the system is out of phase, the better the sound will be when it’s in phase.”

By the way, it’s not easy at all, especially the first time, to get the guy’s voice to sound like it’s coming at you from all around the room, no matter how hard you try. There is a number of reasons why, you will find out as you go. It’s called coming to grips with reality. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. 😬