Supper's Ready

Okay. Here we go. Just finished a head to head comparison of Supper's Ready from the original Gabriel vinyl version on Foxtrot vs Collin's vinyl version on Seconds Out. First, both are amazing. Collin's version wins the live performance aspect obviously. Gabriel's version just has that raw, young person's angst to it. It really can't be redone. I tried to make the Collin's version compare and it just ain't there. Granted, if you never heard the Gabriel version you would think the Collin's version was the cat's pajamas. My 2 inane cents. 


@paulg1966 - good post! To me and many others, Steven Wilson is kind of the King of 21st Century prog rock - just check out the massive amount of music he's put out both under his own name and with his band Porcupine Tree. Great with sound as well, hence those Tull remasters you mentioned; he first got big in the re-master thing with King Crimson; he's re-mastered a great many of their albums. 

I like Phil Collins as a singer - he does singing with Peter on a number of Genesis songs, and their voices blend in so nicely together. But Phil was one of the greatest drummers ever - shame most of his fans probably don't know he played drums! And as I was saying earlier in the thread, I suggest you check out '9 Parts to the Wind' by Strange Days, if you haven't already! 

And speaking of the darker side of prog rock, any fans here of Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator?? 


@larsman Hello. So you like progressive rock too. Van der graaf generator are one of my favorites. H to He Who Am The Only One and Pawn Hearts are very good albums. Genesis used to tour with Van der Graaf in the early 70’s. Would’ve been quit an experience to see them tour together. You mentioned Porcupine Tree. I have their catalog on cd so yes I’m a fan. The releases In Absentia and Anesthetize are very good releases. My favorite is the Sky Moves Sideways. Alex Lifeson of Rush and Adrian Below of King Crimson both guest on Tree albums. He also collaborated with Opeth singer and guitarist among others. Am looking forward to the new PT album Continuum. Also a King Crimson fan of old. One of the first bands I bought on vinyl as a youth. Of course In the Court of the Crimson King. You may like a band from Poland called Riverside. Another good band is Anekdoten. There’s a lot of good Prog from the 90’s through today that people from the classic era would like. There’s even a few from the bone dry 80’s. I grew up with the classics and then found a whole new group of different modern Prog groups through the internet when it first went online. I’ll have to check out the band Strange Days. They are listed on the website Prog Archives. Thanks for the recommendation.

@paulg1966 - Yes indeed, I do like my prog right along with my metal, punk, post-punk, and reggae!

People who like long, complex pieces should enjoy 'Plague of Lighthouse Keepers' if it doesn't scare them off. I love Peter Hammill, but I laughed when I saw him described as sounding like 'David Bowie on bad acid'.

Are you a fan of Marillion and/or Fish at all? That lot were putting out great stuff in the 80's!

@paulg1966 . Thank you for bringing up the retro-Prog Neo Prog genre. I was confused about the categories of music until I heard about retro-Prog Neo Prog. I suspect that refers to those dudes in The Big Lebowski though I could be wrong???  If I am mistaken in my interpretation, my apologies.


You're missing out on the best version which is the live take on the '70-'75 box set. -Scott