Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable

HI All

I recently purchased a Supra Cat 8 ethernet cable to replace the stock cable to my bluesound node 2i after hearing rave reviews of the Supras.  However, the Supra sounded rather bright and clinical in my system. Plus side it has a lot of details,  sounds very clear and bass prodution was pretty good but just sounded very forward and bright over my stock ethernet cable.   Am using Klipsch 6000 f speakers,  an XTZ power amp and a Freya + preamp.

I have not run in the Supra fully yet, about 7 hours. Will it get better over time? Has anyone who has used Supra to your node 2i felt the same. Or do you have a different opinion? Appreciate your views. 


@mike_in_nc I find it difficult to assign a reason for sound signature with ethernet cables as well. In any case, can't say I've heard one. I can understand the cat 8 being inferior as it transfer noise via ground plane. On the other hand, cable itself more impervious to rfi, still can get in connectors.


In my ethernet cable experiments only heard differences in noise floor, I agree Supra only so, so. Settled on Audioquest Vodka, haven't bothered since.


By the way, many of us concerned with galvanic isolation of ethernet, a la fiber conversion or filters of various types.

The thing that I'm continually experiencing is that no matter if it's audio or video, it all makes a difference.

All digital cables have very low voltage vs say a loudspeaker cable 

250-300 hours to fully runin at least 150 hours to smooth out from my vast experiences.

Run the supra in for at least 100hrs. It’s a good cable, never sounded harsh or bright. I was using it for quiet some time until recently when I switched to Network Acoustics Eno streaming system which sounds more relaxed and refined.