Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable

HI All

I recently purchased a Supra Cat 8 ethernet cable to replace the stock cable to my bluesound node 2i after hearing rave reviews of the Supras.  However, the Supra sounded rather bright and clinical in my system. Plus side it has a lot of details,  sounds very clear and bass prodution was pretty good but just sounded very forward and bright over my stock ethernet cable.   Am using Klipsch 6000 f speakers,  an XTZ power amp and a Freya + preamp.

I have not run in the Supra fully yet, about 7 hours. Will it get better over time? Has anyone who has used Supra to your node 2i felt the same. Or do you have a different opinion? Appreciate your views. 


I choose Supra Cat8 for its build quality, at 50 bucks per meter, I thought it was a reasonable upgrade. At the time I was using a Node2i with a ARC dac, can’t say for certain if there was definitive improvement over the stock Cat5, at best there was a better sense of clarity? I did recently play with Monoprice Cat8 from Amazon Prime, which is a really well made cable (heavier gauge than Supra). I didn’t detect a difference between the Supra and Monoprice. admittedly, I suck at picking out micro nuances so ymmv.
Nevertheless at $30 for 25ft run it’s a no-brainer for anyone who wants to upgrade or compare against “audiophile” ethernet cables costing hundreds per foot.



I compared a regular Cat 5E ethernet cable, a Blue Jeans Cat 6A, and Certicables Cat 8 cables, all 3 meters.  The Cat 5E was the stock cheap cable provided by the cable company, the BJ 6A cost something like $10 and the C 8 was about $50 on either Amazon or eBay.  I thought there was a slight improvement with each step up in price, mostly what I would call "vividness" or immediacy.  The improvements weren't such that I am seeking out a $500 cable.  I stream Qobuz files through a Roon player onto my network and use a Bricasti M1SE DAC with a network player.  The analog signal is sent to a Benchmark HPA4 headphone amp and I use Kennerton Rognir Planar Magnetic headphones.

I relocated my modem and replaced the Amazon Cat ? cable with Supra Cat 8 with Telegarner ends along with a purchase of a switch .

I never much cared for streaming my music for any serious listening including listening to internet radio, ripped CDs and loaded music files sound quality were far superior to streaming.

AudioSensibility had a sale on this past spring on their Supra Lan cable and internet switch. They Cryo treat their wire and connectors at no extra expensive.

Its incredible to me the transformation of sound from what I had to what I’m listening to now and it’s easy to A-B between the original Lan cable and the new for anyone who denies or insist there would be any difference’s , lol how wrong they are .

The only thing you can do with fancy ethernet cables is cause problems. This is packet based communication...they do not have a tone or a sound.  They might theoretically cause (and thus another cable could solve) grounding issues. 

I have been running in my Supra 8 ethernet cable by playing my node2i overnight (with my amps off) for the past few days. Having done this, I did an A/B testing with my stock node 2i cat 5e ethernet cables.  The Supra was  much more detailed  with better bass tightness and thump. But it was still much edgy and brighter compared to the stock cable.  Some songs sounded harsh. The stock  ethernet cable while not as  detailed or with defined bass production like the Supra, was more musical, warm and involving to listen to. Non fatiguing at all.  I tend to immerse with the music laid back with the stock ethernet cable,  rather than being on the edge of my seat with the Supra, absorbing the details along with the brightness.

I have been reading about the Supras. Some say its better at the back end as in wall socket to router rather than  front end such as router to streamer.  Has that worked for anyone? My other step in experimentation is to get a Blue Jeans cat 5e or 6 ethernet cable .  If the Blue Jeans (BJC) doesnt work then I will stop the ethernet experimentation and just rely on my stock ethernet cable. Anyone has experiences with the BJC? Appreciate your thoughts.