Supra Cat 8 for new Fios install?


I'm going to be upgrading my Verizon Fios internet and home TV/phone service at some point and was wondering if I should run the Supra Cat 8 before the installer gets here? From the main system (ONT) in my basement, the router is 20 feet away, then my AV system is another 20 feet away from that. I was planning on having those 2 cables there when the install happens, then have smaller lengths from an Etheregen type device to connect into my Blusound 2 and other equipment I have. I will be using solely Qobuz and possibly Roon if future equipment I buy will accept it.

Is anyone familiar with the installation of fios? I also wanted to know if I should run a SC8 from the exterior of the house , through the wall, into the ONT location? There is an ONT and service there already, they are just replacing it with a new one that can handle the newer speeds. I'm planning on getting all the cables with terminations, but also wanted to know if the one from outside to inside,needs terminations or should they just be the cut cable?

Anything else I should be doing before the install? Right now there is Home depot Cat 5 cable there. I am also using the coax cable using Moca or something. Not sure the terminology. 

Thanks for reading

I recently upgraded my FIOS Ethernet service. If you are upgrading your Ethernet to 200 mbs or greater the installer will run a cat 6 cable from the ONT to the FIOS router. They will drill any necessary holes in either exterior or interior walls. You will be responsible for running the the Ethernet cable from the router to your AV system. My AV system is connected to a FIOS extender which uses MOCA over COAX. I use cat 6 to connect to the extender. I am able to get 160 mbs through the extender using the cat 6 cable
Thank you for the replies.  I don't mind running all the cables and having them ready for the install. Its just above a drop ceiling basement and straight up into a hole in the room.. just buying 2 25ft cables... My biggest issue was going through the exterior wall and if that cable should have terminations on it already. I'm not sure if it's a plugin or under screws at install. 

Also, going with a cat8 would future proof things for a relatively small fee.

I don't know enough about fiber at this point to go that route. Maybe if I have more time to investigate. That connection box in the kink is $20+. Not sure if thats the answer here. I simply don't know enough about it. 

Thanks again 
I am in a similar situation, though I require more cable than you.

If it is easy, then I say add the cables

As for end connections, any Verizon installer should be able to add whatever termination is needed. All it takes is a tool and separating the wires to the proper terminals.
Whether there is a sound difference between the Supra and the Cat 6 is something I have no idea.-Though I have seen many posts claiming the Supra to be a superior cable.