Supratek Owners Thread

Greetings All - 
It appears that the 26-million-plus view, multi-decade "Preamp Deal of the Century" Supratek thread has been removed. I'm not sure why, but suppose there must be a reasonable explanation.
In any case, on that thread I recently asked whether there might be interest in a "Supratek owners thread" and received some interest. 
The purpose of this thread is for Supratek owners to share the details of their system, ask questions, share information about any tube-rolling they have done, and so forth.
I'll kick us off here with a few details about my system -
ancient Linn LP12 with Ittok arm, Dynavector 17D3 cartridge into Cortese LCR phono stage
Power amp is a fully serviced Innersound Electrostatic amplifier
Quad ESL63 speakers (not USA monitors) or JBL 4430 studio monitors
Digital sources are immature and evolving - ancient Fostex CR300 cd player/burner
DacMagic 100 DAC
Nordost Blue Heaven 75ohm interconnect
Due to the fairly long lengths of speaker wire required in the new listening room, speaker wire is Belden 12 gauge wire designed for low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. 
Next steps - dedicated circuit, new power cords, new interconnects, new wires.
Greetings to all who wanna keep score on These two (Don Sachs version of the SP 14 Pre and my Supratek Chardonnay GEN 3 )
...thats right two of the BEST under $3k preamps out there (That can shame 10k to 15k Pre’s) Well if you look at my few earlier post ...i decided after much thought to go with Mick’s drop dead gorgeous...fully loaded GEN 3 Cradonnay PRE( remote....balanced in and outs ) with the brand new Shuguang WE6SN7 Vacuum Tubes that Replicate the Sweet sounding Western Electric 6SN7!....I got almost 500hrs on this Pre with these GREAT sounding 6SN7 tubes....and i will get a little more specific with this KRAZY sounding and and Killer looking Pre in the next few months (my Baby Girl is getting married)..But from my perspective at this wouldn"t have a chance to change my mind and Pry it from my Hands ( After owning sum Pres that ran well over 5K ) ..First is its tonality is spot on.( my opinion).TRUTH...It has a wider and deeper soundstage (Compared to my BAT-33SE which is a great pre in its own right) and nice Height to Boot....soo stay tuned as i continue to burn in and use this GREAT PRE with my Maxed out Audio Mirror Tubadour 3 DAC,( Which is another Giant slayer) ,,with Martin Logan’s (GREAT) Montis Speakers....with Dual Vandersteen Latest subs while Driven by The Great American Rogue Tubed M 180 (latest DARK Revision) Monoblocks.....should be and will be F-ing FUN!!

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 hey audio123,
Which other 6SN7s  did you try? And (sorry), please help me know exactly which Shunguangs you are loving,  because they seem to have a bunch of different ones,  all slightly different.
audio123 that's a very fine system you've put together.Looking forward to your thoughts after burn in.I'm currently burning in a Tubadour lll myself,I agree it's amazing.Congrats to your daughter and new son in law:-)
I'm curious about the shuguang western electric 6SN7s because I'm not finding them anywhere.  I do see northern electric 6SN7s,  but not western electric....