Supratek Owners Thread

Greetings All - 
It appears that the 26-million-plus view, multi-decade "Preamp Deal of the Century" Supratek thread has been removed. I'm not sure why, but suppose there must be a reasonable explanation.
In any case, on that thread I recently asked whether there might be interest in a "Supratek owners thread" and received some interest. 
The purpose of this thread is for Supratek owners to share the details of their system, ask questions, share information about any tube-rolling they have done, and so forth.
I'll kick us off here with a few details about my system -
ancient Linn LP12 with Ittok arm, Dynavector 17D3 cartridge into Cortese LCR phono stage
Power amp is a fully serviced Innersound Electrostatic amplifier
Quad ESL63 speakers (not USA monitors) or JBL 4430 studio monitors
Digital sources are immature and evolving - ancient Fostex CR300 cd player/burner
DacMagic 100 DAC
Nordost Blue Heaven 75ohm interconnect
Due to the fairly long lengths of speaker wire required in the new listening room, speaker wire is Belden 12 gauge wire designed for low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. 
Next steps - dedicated circuit, new power cords, new interconnects, new wires.
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Have had my Supratek Gen 3 Chardonnay in the system for about two weeks. Went with some Psvane 6SN7 TII tubes. Last night things blossomed. Full, rich with amazing detail. Seems there's somewhat of a cult regarding these. Well, sign me up. 
Could have taken a more expensive path, almost did for sure. I just don't know how anything could sound any better. 

Guys - couple questions about the Chinese tubes.I see Grant Fidelity is offering (at a very high price) the Psvane CV-181 TII tubes. Also, for a much lower price, what they are calling the WE6SN7s.
On ebay I see the CV-181 tubes & various versions of the WE6SN7 tubes. Some look quite different from the ones offered by GF, but at lower prices.Also, GF wants $$ to offer warranty.So, which way to go? CV-181TII or WE6SN7? Through GF or one of the ebay sellers? Which of the ebay sellers have you used that is trustworthy?
Dentdog, where did you pick up your Psvane tubes? GF? or on ebay?
I went to Grant, but saw them yesterday on Amazon for considerably less. Ouch.
Don't know though if Amazon has the "special low noise" tubes culled out. Mick mentioned that the Psvane Tlls were the best. I have four different NOS 6SN7 pair but don't think they compare to be honest.
dentdog -
Are you saying you talked to Mick about the Psvane T11s? Please understand I'm not trying to be obtuse, I just want to understand. Whenever I've traded emails about tube-rolling with Mick he basically advised me to spend my money elsewhere. Like a new DAC. If he's said that the Psvane T11s are the best, I'd like to know it.I've been trying to get a handle on the Shuguang & Psvane tubes. Many folks rave about them sounding better than virtually all the famous NOS tubes. However, I've also run across quite a few posts where people state that they failed much earlier than expected.It also appears that the Chinese tube manufacturers have gone crazy, creating multiple flavors of 6SN7 tubes. My recent searches have turned up:the above mentioned Psvane C-181-T11 Mk IIs - grey internal coating.
harder to find are the previous C-181Zs which some found better than the first gen C-181 T11s, but they are out there. Black internal coating.
The so-called Western Electric "421" repro WE6SN7 (and these can be found in various sizes on ebay)Grant Fidelity special limited edition globe version of 6SN7SECossor version of globular 6SN7, with black internal coating.Also a new "British" version of 6SN7I could continue, but it would be tedious.I'm very interested to hear from those who have used any of these tubes for an extended period and how they are holding up.
Also, there are posts dating from 2014 that indicated that "Grant" of Grant Fidelity was seriously ill. If he's out of the picture, who's running the show at GF and Psvane?I know I'm rambling a bit, but also, which ebay dealers are trustworthy? I read tonight a post where someone paid a lot for (I think it was) a Psvane 845. It failed very quickly. When he informed the dealer, the chinese dealer stopped responding to his emails.If GF is sorting out all the highest spec tubes, what's happening to all those that don't make the grade? My guess is that they go on ebay...