Supratek Owners Thread

Greetings All - 
It appears that the 26-million-plus view, multi-decade "Preamp Deal of the Century" Supratek thread has been removed. I'm not sure why, but suppose there must be a reasonable explanation.
In any case, on that thread I recently asked whether there might be interest in a "Supratek owners thread" and received some interest. 
The purpose of this thread is for Supratek owners to share the details of their system, ask questions, share information about any tube-rolling they have done, and so forth.
I'll kick us off here with a few details about my system -
ancient Linn LP12 with Ittok arm, Dynavector 17D3 cartridge into Cortese LCR phono stage
Power amp is a fully serviced Innersound Electrostatic amplifier
Quad ESL63 speakers (not USA monitors) or JBL 4430 studio monitors
Digital sources are immature and evolving - ancient Fostex CR300 cd player/burner
DacMagic 100 DAC
Nordost Blue Heaven 75ohm interconnect
Due to the fairly long lengths of speaker wire required in the new listening room, speaker wire is Belden 12 gauge wire designed for low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. 
Next steps - dedicated circuit, new power cords, new interconnects, new wires.

@jslateiv Thanks…yes I have a few 6SN7 pairs of old stock ‘50’s-60’s RCA’s and Raytheon’s that sound very good and test strong.  Mick’s Russian tubes don’t seem to be up to the task for the Cab. Sounded slightly grainy not as clear.  I rolled some of my tubes yesterday and noticed my tubes were better across the board.  I settled in with GE 5AR4 ‘60’s copper plates, RCA 6SN7GT ‘50’s gray glass, and Shuguang ‘70’s mlitary 6L6 coke bottle. Really enjoy the SQ as it all breaks in👍.

Ok after a few days of tweaking and tube rolling with my Cabernet I have discovered fuses and tubes make a significant difference in SQ. I installed a QSA Yellow fuse and wow it made a significant SQ improvement.  Tubes have made a difference and I am now using RCA 6L6GC ‘60 black plate bottom getter, RCA 6Sn7 GTA  black plates and a 5AS4A rectifier.  Wow nice SQ!


Little update on my Cortese LCR order that I had placed with Mick a while back.

I decided to upgrade my order to the Signature Grange.

Can’t wait to receive it from Mick.

Hope I have done the right thing and hope the 16 tubes won't heat up my room!


Somehow your post about upgrading your order to the Signature Grange... well, it really got me thinking. That might be a really nice next step from my Cortese LCR.

Supratek chrome model owners: I thought I would share that I came across some nice chrome domed tall guitar volume/balance knobs that look great on the preamps. I didn’t really care for the matte aluminum stock knobs. The only downside ,which is of no concern for me, is they don’t have a level mark on the knob.

Amazon link:

Picture (if it works) of the knob comparison: