Supratek Owners Thread

Greetings All - 
It appears that the 26-million-plus view, multi-decade "Preamp Deal of the Century" Supratek thread has been removed. I'm not sure why, but suppose there must be a reasonable explanation.
In any case, on that thread I recently asked whether there might be interest in a "Supratek owners thread" and received some interest. 
The purpose of this thread is for Supratek owners to share the details of their system, ask questions, share information about any tube-rolling they have done, and so forth.
I'll kick us off here with a few details about my system -
ancient Linn LP12 with Ittok arm, Dynavector 17D3 cartridge into Cortese LCR phono stage
Power amp is a fully serviced Innersound Electrostatic amplifier
Quad ESL63 speakers (not USA monitors) or JBL 4430 studio monitors
Digital sources are immature and evolving - ancient Fostex CR300 cd player/burner
DacMagic 100 DAC
Nordost Blue Heaven 75ohm interconnect
Due to the fairly long lengths of speaker wire required in the new listening room, speaker wire is Belden 12 gauge wire designed for low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. 
Next steps - dedicated circuit, new power cords, new interconnects, new wires.


My Cabernet from the same time frame shipped with Tung Sol's but I have also used JJ's and hear no difference between them or with the NOS Russian ones that shipped with my Chardonnay in 2019.  So my advice is just pick one of the new production brands and go with it.  


Anyone try the Revelation Audio power cord? I got the unbiblical unbiblical for a nice improvement. Wonder what the power cord, in tandem may bring. I already have an aftermarket power cord from a local artisan that is nice with my Cabernet. 

I've read a few people liking the Bendix 6106 rectifier for their Cabernet power supply. Does this tube also work in the Chardonnay PSU? I would assume so but... don't want to assume! Thx

The V. reg circuit is the same for all Supra's so yes,  the 6106 will work.   The circuit uses the tube to makes sure the voltage proceeding it is always steady, ie. the same set voltage.   The tubes are self-regulating for bias current so no need to for matched tubes.  some people hear a diff. in tube varieties some don't.  I personally hear little dif. if any.  Just make sure to stick with 6L6, KT66 type/family of tubes.