Surge and Conditioning

Hi all, I have a Marantz SR5011 and McIntosh MC300 as the main components in my system. I live where we have lightning throughout the summer. I am contemplating adding a surge protector and power conditioner to the system. I have an in wall 20a plug in and breaker. I don’t really want to spend $3000 for mcp500 but curious what more knowledgeable people here think about it?  Thanks in advance.


Power is often discussed here. Too bad that we don’t have some company reps to help us along. If a Furman really isn’t current limiting to power amps and if it really does filter out a majority of the noise, then how do Shunyata, Audioquest and PS Audio manage to sell their power units? I’m all in favor of getting good value, but my $700-$800 Pangea power conditioners are not anywhere close to my Shunyata. I do believe that Furman is a step up when compared to Pangea.

We also have members that have tried a power product and not noticed a major improvement. I believe this is due to a few factors. First, they might magically have great power out of the wall and then all that needs to be prevented is noise from other components. Secondly, many use products that are only minimally impactful and lastly, some components are undoubtedly supplied with killer power supplies. I must have really noisy power because for me, adding my Shunyata power conditioner was my first jaw dropping change in my system. That said, I’m sure there are many Shunyata power products that would not have made such an improvement.

You should head on over to What’s Best Forums. A lot of manufacturers there and a totally different vibe there. 

A whole house breaker is something I highly recommend- in expensive and installed at the circuit breaker. 

@overthemoon is correct and many of the more modern (not necessarily better) homes this is standard, depending on local codes of course.