Surge in Electric Bill

Am new owner of system driven by Cary SLI-80. When my wife opened our first bill after a month of use, she yelped! Ou bill had jumped 50%. Wonder if this could be caused by the Cary, whihc is played maybe 2 hrs. per day?
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There must be something else going on too. Is your neighbor plugging his motorhome into an outlet on your house? There is no way that the Cary (unless there was something seriously wrong with it, and even then???) would do that to the power bill. Has it been colder than normal?
it happened to me.. review bill sometimes they only do a calculated or intelligent guess and they do actual meter reading every other month to save dollars..
You could always go on the budget plan [if offered] where you pay the same each month for a year. But month 13 often brings an "adjustment". YOU better open that one!