Surge protection for Bryston amp

Looking for recommendations on a surge protector for my Bryston 4B-SST amp. Doesn't need "conditioning" as I'm very happy with the way it sounds and I need something that won't limit the dynamics. I'm currently plugging the amp into a Hubbell 8200 socket in the wall but obviously I'm not protected against surges & spikes. Monster HTS2000 is used on the cdp and preamp. Tried the HTS but felt it tamed the amp somewhat. Need something that protects first and foremost - budget $350 or less (new or used)
I was aware that Bryston advised that their amps should be plugged directly into the wall but this path offers no protection. Again I'm not looking for something to alter the power or sonics of the amp (have tried numerous aftermarket power cords with no success) but something solely for protection of spikes & surges. I'm very sure that the amp's design minimizes effects due to power fluctuations but it still doesn't ensure that it won't get "hurt" with a serious spike. I have heard of an outfit called Brick Wall or something like that so maybe thats worth looking into. All opinions are greatly appreciated especially those looking to save me money!!!
If you want to persue something like this, you might consider whole house surge protection right at the electrical panel. I had whole house surge/spike done when I had the dedicated lines for my amp installed. It was about an additional 200.00 to the cost.
Like Sugarbrie I'm using a Vansevers Unlimiter on my main amp, I hardly notice a change in performance.
Peace of mind is a great thing.
Hey Rgd -
I had the exact same post as you a few months ago and after dismissing the conditioning solutions, I came down to two choices: The Panamax Max 8 and the Monster AV800. Any more than those and you get conditioning thrown in - which I agree with you is not necessary for all amps. I will be getting one or the other soon. The Panamax has better insurance (whatever that means) and a higher Joule rating. Hope this helps. Arthur