Surprise Music Server

I recently acquired a Zidoo Z10 Pro android box primarily for its Dolby Vision capabilities with my non DV PJ. It worked as planned. The BIG surprise is how well it works as a music server for my Sony DAC via USB. It lays out all of the art work for my albums, streams pretty much all formats and sounds "good enough". My DAC can remaster files into DSD, maybe another DAC wouldn’t be as good a match. Then it has the added android functionality that I can load any app I want and stream via the internet too. All in all I think I may save $$$ on a dedicated music server and just roll with "good enough" for now. Has anyone else tried a Zidoo product?


No use for it. A 2Tb SSD in a case is <$100. Plug it is nto an audio streamer for audio play. Plug movies into a Roku for video play.

Or any Samsung, Sony or LG TV.

I like the OS with the Zidoo, it is really convenient and has so many apps you can install from the playstore, the SQ is surprisingly nice too:


It even gives you the temperature in Shenzhen!  Most companies would make you pay extra for that feature alone!

This box continues to surprise, it does a good job of cataloging music and finding album art, so the UI is good and the SQ is WAY better than I expected:

It has a nice phone app too. With the android OS any music/streaming app available on android is available on the box. I don’t know of any dedicated audio transport that has that feature other than an android based DAP: