Surround Equipment; McIntosh MC 207 VS MC8207 or Other Option

Audiogon Family,
I am little unsure about the surround equipment market, but after many hours of research and I am still have not completed yet, my head is on overflow.
I purchased a pre-owned McIntosh MX 121 months ago, but I learned that it was not a self contained unit, so now I need a 7 channel power source. So I'm think I need a MC 207 or a MC 8207 or is there another option?
I've learned the why now, but I want to ask the Audiogon family which unit and why?

Sorry if you read my request and it seems crazy I just want to be more well informed so I do not make this any sorrier then it has to be to enjoy my home entertainment equipment.

The 207 and 8207 are the same basic amp with the only difference being the meters. I have a 205 and am very happy with it, but I use a MC402 for the fronts as I have a dual purpose system and wanted a dedicated 2 channel amp for music. You can't go wrong with either amp.
Thanks for your reply, I am separating because I was told that I would lose quality if I combine the stereo and the surround systems.  Thanks again I will move forward.

I have a 8207 in my HT system and it works great with my MX136 or MX121. I find that I have had to keep both pieces McIntosh for the triggers to work correctly. My 8207 replaced my new 205 which had a buzz coming out of the left rear. The 8207 is dead quiet. I thought I would miss the blue meters but for HT use I prefer to not have as much light in the room. When I purchased the 8207 I was told that it was the same as the 207 but with digital meters. I now have 2 separate rooms - one for 2 channel and one for HT. When I had a combined system I had MC601s for the fronts and used McIntosh passthrough. For me dedicated amps for stereo sounded better than everything going through the 8207.
I am new at this, but I am so thankful to be in company with some well  informed people about this great Audiogon Family and there willingness to give testimonies about equipment as well.
I will complete my surround sound equipment with the MC207, I am finished and thanks to each who reply.

I am sure you will be pleased with the MC207 amp for you HT. That is a beast of an amp and looks striking with those 3 blue meters.