Surround Suggestions that pair well with Elac Carinas?

Hi folks, I’m setting up my first proper 5.1.2 system and bought a Elac Carina BS 243.4 setup from a guy on Audiogon. They sound amazing! Here’s the plan that I’ve come up with so far:

* LR - Elac BS 243.4
* C - Elac CC 241.4
* Sub - SVS SB-1000 Pro
* Atmos - Elac DA4.2 (I’m within Dolby parameters and can always upgrade to in-ceiling in the future)

The main thing I’m trying to figure out is surrounds. I’ve read that they are less important than your LCR, so I’m hoping to keep the budget for that around $500, unless that isn’t reasonable? I’m trying to find some surrounds that have a similar sound characteristic to the Carinas, and aren’t too big.