Surround Theater Speakers Suggestions

I am currently using a B&W CM5 and one of my speakers blew and looking to replace the pair.


Are in-wall surround speakers good? Or should I go for B&W bookshelf type speakers.




This site is primarily focused on high quality two channel audio and is probably not the ideal site to get most helpful response to your question.

I would try either or

Good luck with it.


Oh no. I guess my post on a surround sound preamp will get me shunned as well.

I do have Sonus Faber Concertos from 2004 and when I blew the woofer I was able to get a replacement and was easy to install.  I would try to google a replacement / repair part to fix whatever was blown first is that is an option for you.  usually not much money either.

I've been amazed by the sound and convenience of the Sony HT A9.  I use it everyday, whereas I rarely used the Bryston SP3 and KEF LS50s..