SurroundSound Bar for Bedroom TV

I'm looking for recommendations for a surround sound bar to fit under a Sony Bravia XBR 32"? If you had any experience with these please share your thoughts. Extra speakersin the BR are WAF No -Nos, so I just trying to improve sound, especial voice, over the TV's speakers.I pick a soundbar because it is less visual noise than separate speakers.
I'm a fan of the Yamaha series of sound bars. I use one in my main video system due to room constraints, and it gets you about 80% of the way to a full surround system. The built in calibration routines make it easy to set up. It does work better with an external sub, but is OK on its own.

are you using your soundbar with left and right speakers as well, i.e. in a 3.1 system? if not, would the sound bar work in a 3.1 system?