SurroundSound Bar for Bedroom TV

I'm looking for recommendations for a surround sound bar to fit under a Sony Bravia XBR 32"? If you had any experience with these please share your thoughts. Extra speakersin the BR are WAF No -Nos, so I just trying to improve sound, especial voice, over the TV's speakers.I pick a soundbar because it is less visual noise than separate speakers.

are you using your soundbar with left and right speakers as well, i.e. in a 3.1 system? if not, would the sound bar work in a 3.1 system?

Tanglewood -
The Yamaha sound bars don't use left and right speakers. They bounce directed sound off the side walls to create the side and rear speaker effects. On board digital processing controls the timing of the signals to produce a convincing effect.

This does create some room constraints. You need a reasonably symmetric room with parallel walls on the left and right.

The only additional speaker is an optional sub.
Hey Gerry, here's my do-it-on-the-cheap-but-effective idea.. Many Sony TV's still provide an analog audio output with a fixed/variable choice that you can assign from the TV's menu. On top of that, many Sony sets also have SRS-WOW simulated surround processing built in. If yours has it, you should see the little SRS logo on the TV somewhere. SRS processing does a great job of simulating surround with a pair of stereo speakers.

All you have to do is feed the "aux in" of a small bedroom stereo using the fixed setting, or feed a nice set of powered speakers using the variable setting, and enable the SRS mode in your TV and you should have very decent simulated surround without spending $500 for the Polk, Yamaha, et al..

I have an older Sony V series 27" tube in the spare room connected to a set of $79 Cambridge Soundworks "Soundworks" speakers (two small cubes and a small powered sub) and it sounds much better than you would expect for the money and it has high WAF!