Survey-What is your most used source?

Just curious, what is your most used source: CD, tuner, cassette, LP, dish...?

I purchased a tuner about six months ago, I hadn't used one in my system in well over 10 years. It is easily now my most used source.

Model: Fanfare FT-1A
Imac ,hooked up to my system,havent changed a cd in months,,,but I still get up to flip my LPs
Tuner. I have lived in many cities and now reside in Seattle. There are truly amazing radio stations here that are commercial free. Some talk and fund drives but mostly just music and community supported. It is nice to listen to professional DJs; they bring alot to the table.
Here it is now 2011. . . .It would be interesting to see the same posts today. I'm betting the Mac Mini or PC would top the list. Anybody out there????