SUT Advice - Which Ones Are The Best?

I am currently in research mode.  I want to add a SUT to my set-up but I am finding that there is not a lot of information from my local audio shop resources.  It seems that SUTs are outliers in the high end audio world.  
That said, I have read several articles in magazines and the web touting their merits.
Of all the brands out there I am most familiar with Bob's Devices.  Art Dudley wrote many good things about his experiences with Bob's SUTs, and I happen to trust Art (God rest his soul), but I'm wondering if there are others I should consider as well.  Please post your recommendations if you have experience with any SUTs, regardless of brand.
As for my set-up, I have a SME 20/2 turntable, Tri-Planer tone arm, Lyra Kleos cartridge, and KTE LCR Mk5 Phono preamp.  I do not know if I will always use a Kleos cartridge but I do think I will always buy low output MC carts.  I hope to buy something that will work with low output MCs but have some adjustability just in case.
I'd love to hear your recommendations.
I recently picked up a SUT from Ned Clayton for my Denon 103R. Cinemag 3440AH transformers with four winding ratios - 1:9, 1:12, 1:18 and 1:36. Quality product and was reasonable at under $400. He has an eBay store where you can browse what is for sale or email him directly. 
70s era Mitch Cotter strapable transformer like i have  LOL?

(but am not presently using since I'm in the hell of trouble shooting a configurable FET/BJT cost effective module- noise gremlins lurk everywhere when the effective gain from the needle to the speaker is 20,000X)

I run a Bob's Devices Cinemag Sky40 with my SPU's and an Auditorium A23 with my DL-103's
I also bought a Silk Audio SUT from Thailand.  They were very easy to work with in assembling a unit for me.  (They also sell the transformers separately.)  Mine looks and sounds great!
Dear @snackeyp  : In good shape: why do you want to degrade the valuable and sensitive cartridge signal  ?

There is no way that your Kleos can in any way sounds with better quality level through a SUT in your system when you own a very good phono preamp that handled any LOMC cartridge.

When you add a SUT to your specific system you are adding an additional stage with severe limitations in frequency range against your KTE unit and other issues down there but additional you need to use an IC cable with additional connectors at both ends of the cable from where the cartridge signal must travel through and in all that " travel "  the signal is degrading and developing additional ( every kind. ) distortions: you are contaminating that beloved MUSIC signal.

Yes, through the SUT will sounds different and probably you can like it but what you like it is a true inferior quality level.

The SUT " party " of other gentlemans here is with all respect a party where you don't need to participate, their system specific needs are different from yours.

Anyway you can try and can participate too in the " party ". Is your call.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,